New Edition Has Fledged!

Testing our wings with an online edition of the newsletter

We’ve taken our newsletter online. (To read the articles, scroll down and click on the photos below.)

The cover of our Winter 2014 quarterly newsletter

Click on this image to access the pdf version.

For those who prefer the traditional print edition or the “semitraditional” electronic edition — the PDF version — don’t worry; we’re still publishing in those formats.

The whole purpose of publishing a newsletter it to keep members and others informed about what we’re doing — what programs and bird walks we offer, etc. Ideally, a newsletter should also serve to attract new members and further our mission, which is to educate and preserve birds as well as other wildlife and the habitat we all share. That’s why we decided to broaden our reach with an online edition of our quarterly newsletter.

This includes stories from the current newsletter —  with the addition of updates when applicable. It doesn’t include the traditional newsletter calendar; that’s already covered on the events page of this website, which is updated regularly.

Nor does it include updates on bird walks, educational programs and GMAS social events. Those are continually updated on our home page and our Facebook page.

This online version allows us to post more links to our stories, add more graphics and explore subjects more deeply because space isn’t as much of an issue.

Please drop us a line and let us know how we’re doing with this new venture. Or suggest how we might improve it or take better advantage of the technology. Please email comments to

-Irv Oslin, GMAS Newsletter Editor

In this issue:

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